Moghal College of Education

The institution provides cosmopolitan culture to the employees working in the institution. The staff is selected on the basis of their efficiency, for instance, Mrs. Seema is from Himachal Pradesh, Mrs. Sujatha as well as Mr. Shivaraj are from Karnataka where as the other staff members are from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. Despite the fact that the staff members are from different religion backgrounds such as Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc, they maintain a vibrant atmosphere and serve as model to the students. Thus the staff members get the opportunities to taste the delicacies such as Shirkurma in Ramzan, sweets on Dassera festival and Christmas cake on 25th Dec every year. Thus the college represent unity in diversity.

Vision - Moghal College of Education
Moghal College of Education aspires to become best Teacher Education Institution in India. Using the latest technology, Teaching methodology, Tools and Techniques and committed towards the well-being of society and the state. The college shall provide an environment where the staff, faculty and students interact and draw from each other’s strengths and work to learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills to become best in the field and inspired citizens of the nation.

To make positive contribution to meet society needs.

Mission: Moghal College of Education

Expert academic advisors and forwards-thinking management. It aims to empower all students, especially Muslim women to develop themselves into well-rounded personalities, self-confident and excellence-seeking individuals- Who will define the next generation “Best Practices in Education in India.”

About the Management

Sri Mirza Ahmed Baig, the founder chairman is a well known Muslim minority leader an Educationist, a social informer and an Ex-chairman of Nalgonda Municipalities.

Sri Mirza Farhatullah Baig, The general secretary  is a lawyer by Profession and cater to the needs of all institutions running under Moghal / Noor Educational societies.

Sri Mirza Hussain Baig, the treasurer is  an M.B.A., and dynamic leader and monitor the work of all B.Ed. , colleges under Moghal and Noor Educational Societies.

Sri Mirza Asadullah Baig, the Joint Secretary, an Engineer by Profession, Managing Engineering Colleges under Moghal and Noor Educational Societies.


    • To install good behavior in the students,
    • To build an individual with good character,
    • To inculcate discipline and punctuality among students as well as teachers,
    • To start the day with good through